Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak Review

by weekendkayaks | Last Updated: December 21, 2018

The best-selling Pungo 120 kayak produced by wilderness system has come to stay. It is a fine balance of manageability, stability,speed, and comfort. The kayak has an ample storage capacity permitting it to handle with ease.


Below are some key features of the wilderness systems pungo 120 Kayak which makes it a boat with a very unique experience:


Length: 12′ / 366 Cm    

Width: 29″ / 74 Cm

Boat Weight: 49 Lbs. / 22 Kg     

Deck Height: 13″ / 33 Cm

Cockpit Length: 57″ / 145 Cm   

Cockpit Width: 22″ / 56 Cm

Max Capacity: 325 Lbs. / 147 Kg

The Pros

The Cons

Our Rating

[usrlist “Performance:4.5” “Speed:4.5” “Durability:4.5” “Comfort:4.5” “Price:4.5” “Overall:4.5”]

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Wrapping it up

The Pungo 120 Kayak is good boat for a beginner or if you want to improve your paddling speed because of its stability, ease of use and tracking. If you remove the kayak console, it provides you with some more space making it possible for you to take another person or a small pet with you. For best experience of the kayak ride on flat water because the kayak rides well. I would definitely recommend this boat for you.