Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Reviews

by weekendkayaks | Last Updated: September 12, 2020

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is the perfect sit on fishing kayak for the person that wants a quality kayak but doesn’t want to break the bank. It is in the middle of the road in regards to price on this kayak.

The quality of this kayak is extremely good. It is a very well built kayak with plenty of storage and features to making fishing easier.

Probably the best feature of this kayak is the pre-installed toe controlled rudder system. It makes turning much easier as opposed to only using the paddle. A peddle kayak is the only type that would be easier to control for a fishing kayak.

In this article, we’ll do a full review and check out some of the features of this awesome kayak.

vibe sea ghost 110


This kayak is feature packed with all of the necessities you will need for fishing. It has 2 rod holders behind the seat and 4 integrated top-loading gear tracks. These are perfect for add more rod holders, fish finder, and anything else you can think of.

The Vibe Sea Ghost also come with a fishfinder transducer port with a protective lid. It has everything you need pre-installed for you to add a fish finder. This is very convenient and much more organized than many other fishing kayaks.

There is also plenty of storage on this kayak. We’ll cover the details below.


The cargo storage of this kayak is great. It has waterproof storage, open storage, and bungee tie downs equipped from the factory.

Below are the different storage compartments and features.


This kayak is built with rotomolded polyethylene which is pretty standard across the industry. You will find that this kayak is very sturdy and quality build. It is sure to last a long time.

The kayak is also equipped with 10 scupper holes and plugs. It also has a replaceable skid plate that will help to preserve the kayak.

The kayak is also pretty wide so it makes it very difficult to type the kayak. This is ideal for fishing since you’ll be moving around a good amount. Standing up in this kayak is possible but probably not recommended.


The Vibe Sea Ghost is a fairly comfortable kayak. It is nothing extremely fancy when it comes to comfort but definitely one of the more comfortable kayaks in this price range.

The kayak features a dual position Vibe Hero seat with adjustable foot braces. It also has a nice console and built-in cup holder. The toe controlled rudder system is also a great feature that makes driving the kayak very easy.

Overall, the kayak is comfortable and has everything you’ll need to begin kayak fishing. It is a perfect intermediate kayak that can be really great with some mods.

vibe sea ghost 110 seat


This is a fairly versatile kayak. It is primarily made for fishing and will excel with that. It is also a good kayak for touring around a lake.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking this kayak down many rough waters or rapids. You’ll definitely get wet since it is a sit on but it also isn’t ideal for those environments.


Length: 11 ft

Weight: 62 lb

Width: 33 in.

Carrying capacity: 425 lb

Material: Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene

Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue/ White, Red/ Yellow

Seating: Single




[usrlist “Performance:4.5” “Speed:3.5” “Durability:4.5” “Comfort:4.5” “Price:4.5” “Overall:4.3”]

Video by: Out West with Chris


Overall, this is an incredibly quality fishing kayak for the price. It has all of the features needed to get out on the water for some fishing. The best part is it is plug and play. You won’t really need to get a bunch of mods if you don’t want in order to fish.

I recommend this kayak to the weekend fisherman looking for a kayak that will last a long time.

Have you ever used the Vibe Sea Ghost 110? What do you think of it? Leave us a comment below!