Riot Quest 10 Kayak Review

by weekendkayaks | Last Updated: November 8, 2018

Have you been looking at a Riot Quest 10 with longing eyes? We know how that must be.

On the surface, this is easily one of the most beautiful units that money can buy. Under the hood, it is still one of the high-functional picks out there. In this review, we are going to look at everything that makes the Quest 10 special, where it excels the most and what areas it might default on.

Roll this one into the lake and see how it holds up, shall we?


After reviewing a lot of kayaks right here, we cannot but notice that Riot made some improvements to this upgrade of their existing Quest 9.5. A lot of these upgrades sit down too well with us. Some of the ones that really stand out are:

This offering is bettered in the addition of a flush mounted rod holder, upfront storage and adjustable foot braces to make the experience better streamlined to the rider.

The stability is rock-solid, making it an ideal fit for fishing and family paddling. Its size also makes it possible to use the same kayak for an adult and kids.

Riot Quest 10 Specs

Out of every box containing this Riot Quest 10, here are the measurements and specs that you should expect with the unit.

Length: 300cm

Weight: 15kg

Width: 71cm

Carrying capacity: 148kg

Material: Rotomolded polyethylene

Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue/ White, Red/ Yellow

Seating: Single

Hull: Flat


Looking to get some convincing on why this unit is just great for you? Here goes:


As great as the unit is, you should make sure you can deal with these before you get one for yourself


[usrlist “Performance:4.5” “Speed:4.5” “Durability:4.5” “Comfort:4.5” “Price:4.0” “Overall:4.4”]


We think the Riot Quest 10 kayak hasan issue in wanting to do everything well for all skill levels. It tries on other fronts, though, bringing one of the best materials of make on board.

That being said, you might not love the hull after a few uses – even though only a select few users have reported such cases. Barring all of that, the kayak is as good as they come.