Perception Sound 9.5 Kayak Review

by weekendkayaks | Last Updated: December 5, 2018

If you were looking for a highly comfortable,functional yet beautiful kayak that just works out of the box, you might need to look no further than the Perception Sound 9.5.

Coming in beautiful finishes of red,orange and blue with some serious detailing, this could be the fix to your poor kayaking experience.

To check if that is true, we have cooked up a review on everything you should know about this machine.

Key Features of the Perception Sound 9.5

All kayaks might be named equally, but some are surely made more equal than others. That is one of the assertions that can be made on this Perception Sound 9.5, given the wide range of new features on display.

When next you eye one, know that these are some of the standout benefits it provides:

Thus, if you were to be going for a spin in recreational water bodies (lakes and ponds),you would find out that it best handles your need. The kayak is also great for slow-moving bodies of waters (such as rivers and streams).

Finally,you will be able to test it out on calm coastal waters – even though it won’t give the same kind of overall seamless operation as in the last two categories.

Perception Sound 9.5 Specs

Concerned about how long your kayak will be? Maybe you want to know if it is something you’ll be able to move from one side of the lake house to the other.

Whatever your needs, here are the specs that define the design of this Perception Sound 9.5.

Length: 290cm

Width: 71cm

Depth: 13.1 in

Weight: 17kg/ 38 lbs.

Seat type: Padded (foam)

Material: Rotomolded polyethylene

Tracking system: None

Number of paddlers: 1

Weight capacity: 136kg/ 300lbs


Here are a couple of reasons why the Perception Sound 9.5 shines bright like the diamond it is, and we are not even talking about its paint job


As great as this model looks, there are a couple of things that just doesn’t sit well. They are:


[usrlist “Performance:5” “Speed:4.5” “Durability:4.5” “Comfort:4.3” “Price:4.2” “Overall:4.5”]

Wrap Up

Don’t let the cons of this product faze you. It still has a couple of pros and tricks up its sleeves to wow you with. If you are just starting out with kayaking or would like to paddle in waters as mentioned above, this will be the best fit for you. Otherwise, we suggest you keep looking at other models.